Thursday, January 30, 2014


This drill is another drill that is meant to simulate your primary weapon system, in this case being an AR15 going down or empty causing you to draw your secondary, in this case being a Glock 19 handgun. However what's different with this drill is that you finish the drill with 2 full guns ready for action. It's very simple, I call it the P-S-P drill because you use your primary, then your secondary, then back to your primary. I use 2 rounds in my magazines to conserve ammo but that's up to you, modify it as you feel necessary.

As stated above I start with 2 rounds in my primary, 1 in the chamber, 1 in the mag. I do the same with my secondary and holster it. For this drill I stand around the 20 yd mark, which can also be changed depending on your skill level. I start at a high ready position using silhouette targets, again, something you can change at your desire. The drill is about technique, not accuracy, however I tend to try to keep my shots in a pretty good "combat effective" group. I start with my handy dandy IPhone Shot timer app at random. When it goes off you shoot 2 rounds on target (or whatever you have in the gun). When it runs dry transition to your secondary and shoot it till it's empty. This is where you can change it. For me, if there was a lull in the fight I'd load my secondary full, then re-holster it and transition to my empty primary. If there wasn't a lull I'd immediately go back to my primary at the first opportunity. As I go to shoulder the primary I will do a speed load as quick as possible (hence the word SPEED). At this point, assuming all the targets have been neutralized you can do a scan and assess and finish the drill.

I've thrown the same drill in immediately after the scan and assess a few times to cause stress and make myself work harder. That's up to you though.

Have fun with this drill, try it standing, kneeling, mix them, go for speed or accuracy. There's a lot of ways to change it that are fun.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

"You can take my guns, when you pry them from my cold, dead hands"

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